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Canada Gardening Homesteading and Home Improvement DIY Projects

  Hen House
  Chicken Coop
  Heated and Insulated Hen Coop
  Lean-to Chicken Coop
  Mobile Chicken Coop / Ark Coop
  Chicken Perch or Roost
  Aviary and Chicken Run
  Large Chicken Run
  Chicken Tunnel
  Hatching eggs in an Incubator
  Garden Greenhouse
  Greenhouse Plastic Covering
  Extend the Life of Greenhouse Plastic
  Greenhouse Soil Sink Potting Bench
  Water Gardening
  Backyard Pond
  Pond Liner
  Garden Stream
  Dry Creek Bed - Stream Bed
  Pond De-Icer System
  Pond Waterfalls
  Garden Wall Waterfalls - Water Wall
  Catching fish using a trap
  Garden Pond Bridge
  Wood Shed - Firewood Shed
  Cold Storage Room in Basement
  Vegetable Bins for Root Cellar
  Garden Landscaping
  Walkway Paver
  Garden Paths
  Stone Path
  Bed Around House Foundation
  Split-Rail Fence
  Backyard Wood Fence
  Cast Iron Cauldron Planter
  Outdoor Outlet on Tree Stump
  Flower Boxes - Planters
  Front Yard without Grass
  Landscaping under Deck Stairs
  Edging Garden with Logs
  DIY Projects
  Organic Gardening
  Mulching with Ramial Chipped Wood (RCW)
  Cardboard Flower Bed Idea
  Uses for Wood Ash in the Garden
  Seedling Grow Table
  Indoor Grow Table - Grow Lights
  Cold Stratification - Improving Germination
  Seed Scarification - Scarify Seeds
  How to Plant Sunflower Seeds
  How to Sow Tomato Seeds
  Deck & Garden Structures
  Raised Deck
  Wrap-Around Deck or Porch
  Shed Under Deck
  Ground Level Deck
  Wood Deck Cleaning
  Deck Staining
  Shed Doors - Replacing
  Shed Ramp
  Wooden Bird Feeder
  Gardening Tips
  Fence Post Bracing System
  Planting a Window Box
  Overwintering Geraniums
  Hedging Cedar Trees
  Vegetable - Edible Garden
  Planting Tomatoes
  Plant an Apple Tree
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Raising Chickens Canada - Hen Coop
Raising chickens or hens in your backyard is much easier than you can imagine. See how planning your hen coop building.
Canada Greenhouses - Greenhouse Building Pictures
How to build a simple garden greenhouse with recycled material? See this bakyard building pictures guide. An idea for your green building!
Pond Canada - Canada Pond Guide - Water Gardening Canada
Man-made water features? Many water gardening DIY projects are avalaible in this gardening section. See the garden stream for natural pond filter.
Homesteading Canada - Self-Sufficient - Self-Sufficiency Canada
Are you a self-sufficient? Homesteading is a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. Not need to live in the countryside to practice the homesteading.
Landscaping Canada - Garden Landscaping - Canadian landscapers
Work with the nature and design your backyard. This landscaping DIY Projects guides should help you. Rustic design ideas? A french Garden?
Organic Garden - Organic Gardening - Permaculture Canada
Learning about going green and reducing environmental impact in the garden. Lifestyle guides and tips for going green.
Deck builder Canada - Deck Plans - Porches Idea - Wooden Deck
Building outdoor structures as a wrap around deck give a design to your house. How to build raised deck or covered deck? How to maintain your deck?
Canada Seeds - Improving germination tips - Start seeds indoor
How to harvest seeds from your plants? How to start your own seeds? Improving germination tips and buying guide. Indoor or greenhouse growing equipment ideas.
Canadian Gardening Forum - Canadian Gardening Association - Canadian Gardening community
Talk about gardening, homesteading, self-sufficiency and home improvement on this American and Canadian largest community of gardeners. Share your knowledge and learn from others.

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