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Making a Cardboard flower bed with RCW
How to use the Ramial Chipped Wood like organic mulch



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  Building Steps
  1: The Wood Chips to make RCW
  2: Chippers and delivery by pruners
  3: Making a cardboard flower bed with RCW
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The cardboard flower beds are made with cardboard recovered and ramial chipped wood. Good idea for your canadian culture. The RCW will amend and fertilize the soil.

Here is the technique for canadian gardeners !



Carboard flower bed - Organic gardening - ecological gardening


Ramial Chipped Wood (RCW)

Making a cardboard flower bed

Use a shovel to remove the grass round
1 foot wide by one foot deep (border).

The grass can be removed at the center of future flower bed (this will enrich the soil once decomposed.).

Over the pile of grass and other material overlay two layers of heavy card board from a furniture store.



Making a cardboard flower bed - Cardboard and ramial chipped wood RCW.

Chipped Tree Material
Compost soil

Making a cardboard raised flower bed

Above the box, have a good 30 cm or 1 foot of ramial chipped wood (RCW).


Ramial Chipped Wood for Cardboard Flower bed - Bed Mulching

Clean Organic Mulch
Create living soil !

Making a cardboard flower bed


Do not have to remove the grass and other materials is a considerable advantage.


Using Ramial Chipped Wood - Cardboard boxes Flower Bed - Gardening tips

Ramial Chipped Wood (RCW)
Chipped branch-wood

Making a cardboard boxes raised flower bed

Cardboard flowerbeds construction.


Flower Bed Landscaping - Mulching flower bed

Wood Chips
Forest Mulch

Making a cardboard flowerbed

In the case of a flower bed near a stream or pond, it must slide the cardboard under the EPDM Pond liner and geotextile fabric.


Regenerating soil with RCW - Cardboard Flower Bed Idea

Ramial Chipped Wood (RCW)
Organic Gardening

Making a cardboard flower bed

Result of the work of making a flower bed with cardboard and ramial chipped wood (RCW) or mulch.

This new soil is the great place for pedofauna.


Ecological garden idea - Homesteading tips - Permaculture way

Woodchips for Flower bed
Decorative Mulch

Making a cardboard raised flower bed

Large flowerbeds require a large quantity of ramial chipped wood (RCW).


Cardboard Flower Bed Idea - Organic gardening idea

Ramial Chipped Wood (RCW)
Forest mulch

Making a cardboard flower bed

Large flower beds require a large amount of cardboard.



Lanscpaping with Mulch or ramial chipped wood - Forest Mulch - Fragmentation

Ramial Chipped Wood (RCW)
Like a natural geotextile Fabric

Making a cardboard flower bed

Another sample of carton flower bed.

The ramial chipped branches (RCB) can be considered like a geotextile fabric to stop weed.


Flower bed idea - Chipped Branch-Wood - Hemicelluloses - Gardening techniques

Wood Chips for Flower Bed
Make rich soil

Making a cardboard flower bed

Another sample of cardboard flower bed on both sides of the creek waterfall.


Ramial Chipped Wood (RCW) for Raised Flower Bed

Ramial Chipped Wood (RCW)
Permaculture tips

Making a cardboard flower bed

Another sample of cardboard flower bed. Decomposition can last 2 years before becoming an rich and living soil for fauna and flora.


Ramial Chipped Wood (RCW) and organic garden

Chipped Wood for Mulching
Making your own soil

Making a carton flower bed


Another sample of cardboard flower bed.

Just a recovered cardboard with ramial chipped wood and we have another cardboard flower bed !


Beginning of the project

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