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How to Build a Walkway with Interlocking Pavers
( Paving Walkway Free Building Plan )



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  Building Steps
  1: Plan your Design
  2: Materials and excavation
  3: Leveling Screeding and Compact Bed
  4: Edging Idea: Logs borders
  5: Lay interlocking blocks
  6: Joints and Installing polymeric sand
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Laying a paver walkway to Domaine Le Jardin des Patriotes


Build a Walkway with Pavers - Lay Block Paving

In the summer of 2011, I decided to rebuild the main entrance of the house.

Objective: Build a walkway with pavers from recovered retaining blocks.


How to lay a Paver Walkway - Paved Area - Paving stone Plain

( Paver Walkway )

Requirement and location:

Removal of the lawn with a shovel round.

Project area: 250 square feet.

Cost: 350 $ US


Build a Paver Path - How to lay a Paver Walkway - Concrete pavers

( Build a Paver Path )

Requirement and location:


I will also develop this place. Here, I'll install the waste and trash. So one pavers make the ideal surface to move the bins.


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