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How to build Wood Frame Greenhouse

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Building instructions
1: Greenhouse Anchors and Ground Posts
  2: Attach the foundation to anchors
  3: Frame walls for a Greenhouse
  4: Build front and rear Greenhouse frames
  5: Framing a Greenhouse Roof
  6: DIY Greenhouse plastic installation
  7: Exterior Design and edging base
  8: Interior Finishing / Wood treatment
  9: Trellis - Potting bench - shelving ideas
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Building a Canadian Garden Greenhouse at Domaine Le Jardin des Patriotes
Since 2003, I thought to myself build a garden greenhouse that would meet my growing needs. In gardening zone 3b, Saguenay City, Canada, planting time for vegetables or annuals is about to June 15.

The canadian frost is back to the beginning of September. Hence the need to build a domestic wood greenhouse (dimension: 25' X 15') to enjoy a longer growing season.

Without heating, plants can survive in mid-April to late September (5 months of culture). I started to build the greenhouse. From one year to another, I improve the useful way of the greenhouse. You will find here all stages of construction and improvements.
Wooden Greenhouse Plans - How to build wood Greenhouse - DIY wood greenhouse

Garden Greenhouse - Greenhouse base Anchors - Lean Greenhouse - Anchors for greenhouse
How to anchor greenhouse to ground?

How to Build Garden Greenhouse
( Greenhouse Canada )
Anchoring Greenhouse:
Anchors to hold the pieces of 4" X 4" bought from hardware. CAD 6.99 $ per unit. They are 36" long.
Wooden Backyard Greenhouse kit - Plastic Polyethylene Greenhouse - Glass Greenhouse - Polycarbonate Greenhouse
Greenhouse Posts and ground Anchors
Backyard Greenhouse
( DIY Garden Greenhouse )
Anchoring Greenhouse:
Use slegehammer to anchor the anchors. Insert a piece of 4" X 4" with before hitting the ground. Subsequently, insert anchors into a new 4" X 4".

Length of 25', needs 3 anchors.
Build Garden Greenhouse - Greenhouse posts - Greenhouse anchors - Garden Greenhouse
Greenhouse Building Guide
Greenhouse Anchors and Posts
( Keeping a Greenhouse on the ground )
Anchoring Greenhouse:
In hardware, 4" X 4" retails at 8.99 $ CAD per 8' long Rona, Homehardware, Potvin & Bouchard, Canam Marquis.
Canada Greenhouse plans - How to build greenhouse - Greenhouse base idea
Greenhouse Anchoring Idea
Garden Greenhouse Design
( Greenhouse Anchor Idea )
Anchoring Greenhouse:
Fill the hole around the anchor with crushed rock and compacted it with a heavy iron rod.
Greenhouse anchors - Greenhouse ground posts - Canada Greenhouse kits - Cheap Garden Greenhouse
How to build a garden Greenhouse
Greenhouse Accessories
( Greenhouse Installation tips )
Anchoring Greenhouse:
Lay on top of the 4" X 4" an inverted double metal bracket "U".

In hardware about $ 1.49 CAD. Use 2" treated wood screws.
Build plastic Greenhouse - Greenhouse frame - Polyethylene film - How to anchor a greenhouse
Building Garden Greenhouse
DIY Canadian Greenhouse
( Greenhouse Building Guide )
Anchoring Greenhouse:
And that's it ! Greenhouse ground Anchors are ready to receive greenhouse base or foundations.
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