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Building instructions
1: Greenhouse Anchors and Ground Posts
  2: Attach the foundation to anchors
  3: Frame walls for a Greenhouse
  4: Build front and rear Greenhouse frames
  5: Framing a Greenhouse Roof
  6: DIY Greenhouse plastic installation
  7: Exterior Design and edging base
  8: Interior Finishing / Wood treatment
  9: Trellises - Potting bench - shelving ideas
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Wooden Grow boxes for Greenhouse - Greenhouse wooden tray - Interior Greenhouse setup
How to build Greenhouse raised bed
Maximize Space in Greenhouse
( Setting up a Greenhouse )
Organizing your Greenhouse Workspace:
Raised bed construction / wooden grow boxes in the center and both sides of the greenhouse.
Using recycled 2" X 8" from the old deck.
Timber Framed Greenhouse - How to build grow boxes for greenhouse interior - Grow boxes with Used planks material
Timber Framed Greenhouse with raised beds
Homemade Greenhouse
( How to build a timber-framed greenhouse )
Organizing your Greenhouse Workspace:
Adding sand in the aisles. Consider the space required for your wheelbarrow (aisle width). 

Nice planter boxes built with recycled planks.
Greenhouse raised bed - Soil for greenhouse raised bed - Build Greenhouse planters
Soil for greenhouse raised bed
Build Greenhouse raised bed
( Grow boxes in Greenhouse )
Organizing your Greenhouse Workspace:
Adding vertical posts and horizontal studs to solidify the greenhouse structure.

Even during the winter the ground is still frozen. We can therefore work for the spring.
Growing tomatoes in Greenhouse - Tomatoes growing boxes - Greenhouse soil
Canadian Wodden Greenhouse
Greenhouse Models
( Plastic Covered Greenhouse )
Organizing your Greenhouse Workspace:
Tomato plants growing. The greenhouse stays clean with this wooden planter boxes as a growing raised bed.
Watering in the Greenhouse - Potting bench with sink and shelves - Greenhouse watering system
Watering in Garden Greenhouse
Hobby Greenhouse
( Building plan for a wooden frame )
Organizing your Greenhouse Workspace:

Watering plants and additions hooks for storing tools.

Very funny to gardening with this greenhouse planter boxes.

Buid Cucumber support in Garden Greenhouse - Trellises for cucumber growing  - Greenhouse stakes
Installing trellises in backyard Greenhouse
Greenhouse Trellises
( Greenhouse trellis Ideas )
Organizing your Greenhouse Workspace:

Installation of fence climbing cucumbers (back of the greenhouse).

Panels of trellis (made with chicken grid) is the best way for growing climbing cucumbers in garden greenhouse.

How to build trellises for climbing cucumber- Grid for cucumber in greenhouse - Removable Panel trellis for greenhouse
Removable Cucumbers Support
Greenhouse Accessories
( How to build a removable cucumber support )
Organizing your Greenhouse Workspace:

Making a removable grid for cucumber vines.

Mobile panel trellis!

Greenhouse pots for seedlings - Seed starting supplies - Raised bed Plastic corner caps - Plastic flower box
Greenhouse Raised bed Plastic corner caps
Plan for Building DIY Greenhouse
( Protect greenhouse grow boxes )
Organizing your Greenhouse Workspace:
Plastic corner caps to protect wooden greenhouse planter boxes.
Greenhouse Propagation trays - Greenhouse seedlings pots
Trays and Planting Pots for greenhouse
Greenhouse Supplies Pots
( Planting Pots for greenhouse )
Organizing your Greenhouse Workspace:
Filling pots to planting perennials and natives.
Potting bench with sink soil - Build Potting bench Free Plan - Ideas for greenhouse design
Greenhouse Potting bench with Grow table
Recycled Sink for Potting Bench
( Greenhouse workspace design )
Organizing your Greenhouse Workspace:
Build small potting bench with soil sink for easy work.

Over it, the seedlings trays.
Greenhouse staging - Seedlings trays - How to build a potting bench with soil sink
How to stage a Garden Greenhouse
Wooden Greenhouse Shelves
( Shelving Ideas )
Organizing your Greenhouse Workspace:
Another growing table or potting table for seedlings.

Note: Allow spaces between top boards to allow the drainage of water.
Greenhouse seedlings - Peat Pots for greenhouse seedlings - greenhouse supplies
Soil Sink Potting bench and Greenhouse seedlings grow table
Seedlings Shelves
( Greenhouse Supplies  )
Organizing your Greenhouse Workspace:

Seedlings in peat pots.
(Tomatoes and peppers)

Helpful to move them with the black greenhouse trays. We can use propagation trays too.

Service tub plastic for Pottings bench sink soil - Potting bench building plan - Wood Potting bench with sink
Recycled Plastic Tub used to make a Soil sink potting bench
Wood Potting bench with sink
( Greenhouse Potting Table )
Organizing your Greenhouse Workspace:

Retrieving a service tub plastic. Fill the hole and fill with soil. Ideal for planting and keep the area clean.

Its a nice and cheap soil sink!

How to seedlings Greenhouse - Greenhouse Heater - Perennials and Natives seeddlings
Shelving and Staging a garden Greenhouse
Greenhouse staging idea
( Homemade Greenhouse stages )
Organizing your Greenhouse Workspace:
Adding small shelves to maximize space.

A small 900 watt heater will work during cold nights in march and april.
Tomatoes and herbs seedlings - Greenhouse to repot houseplants - Build Backyard greenhouse
Greenhouse growing table
DIY Greenhouse Potting tables
( Planting table idea  )
Organizing your Greenhouse Workspace:
Garden greenhouse bench can also be used to repot your houseplants at all times, even in winter.
Linseed oil to preserve wood greenhouse - Stain for greenhouse wood frame - Shelving greenhouse
Greenhouse wooden shelf
Greenhouse Building Guide
( Backyard Greenhouse Pictures )
Organizing your Greenhouse Workspace:
The 1" X 3" above the tables were stained with linseed oil cedar color.
How to build Greenhouse shelves - Removable Greenhouse shelves - Seedlings shelves - Greenhouse Staging ideas
Greenhouse staging and shelving Ideas
DIY Greenhouse Shelves
( Removable greenhouse shelves )
Organizing your Greenhouse Workspace:
Making backyard greenhouse removable shelves. In the manner of a railway rail, take two 2" X 4" base and nail 1" X 3" over it.

I used a pressure nailer with 2 inches finishing nails.
Garden Greenhouse electrical box - Garden Greenhouse heater system - Garden Greenhouse lamps
Greenhouse heating way in Canada
Keep Greenhouse heated in Spring
( Heating Garden Greenhouse )
Organizing your Greenhouse Workspace:
Installation of 100 amps electrical box.

Very handy for lighting in the canadian hobby greenhouse, heating and use it to bring electricity elsewhere in the gardens.
Backyard Greenhosue Electric box system - Heating Backyard Greenhouse - Winterize Greenhouse
How to heat a garden Greenhouse?
Greenhouse electrical supplies
( How to heat a garden greenhouse )
Organizing your Greenhouse Workspace:
Electrical box to heat during the canadian spring.
60 amp circuit breaker has been installed.
Greenhouse Wood frame and Poly Cover - Greenhouse polyethylene plastic cover - Winterizing Greenhouse
Snow over greenhouse covering material
Strong Greenhouse Frame
( Canadian Greenhouse )
Organizing your Greenhouse Workspace:
The greenhouse covering must be strong enough to support the snow.

 Very impressive to see the roof support the weight of the
canadian Snow!
Greenhouse covering ideas - Greenhouse winter season - Plastic Greenhouse borne by snow and ice
Greenhouse maintenance during winter
Snow over plastic covering
( Greenhouse strongest material )
Organizing your Greenhouse Workspace:
The greenhouse plastic cover is very strong!
Greenhouse for heavy snow - Snow slide off Greenhouse - Pitch of the greenhouse building - Garden Greenhouse pitch angle
Build Greenhouse for heavy snow and high wind areas
Planning Snow over Greenhouse
( Winterizing Canadian Greenhouse )
Organizing your Greenhouse Workspace:

Snow slides on the both sides of the greenhouse.

90% of the winter time, there is no snow on the roof. In addition, this snowpack is useful for insulation at the opening of the greenhouse in the spring.

Pitch angle = 18 degrees

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