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Poly Film Greenhouse Covering - Attaching Plastic to Wood frame

Greenhouse film installation guide

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Building instructions
1: Greenhouse Anchors and Ground Posts
  2: Attach the foundation to anchors
  3: Frame walls for a Greenhouse
  4: Build front and rear Greenhouse frames
  5: Framing a Greenhouse Roof
  6: DIY Greenhouse plastic installation
  7: Exterior Design and edging base
  8: Interior Finishing / Wood treatment
  9: Trellis - Potting bench - shelving ideas
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Greenhouse polyethylene film - how to Install greenhouse plastic cover
Way to attach polyethylene to garden greenhouse frame
Plastic Greenhouse
( How to install Polyethylene )
Greenhouse film installation guide:
We are ready for the installation of plastic (tarp) polyethylene.

Note: I suggest you get help from a friend to complete this step.

Purchase and Warranty: I bought my roll of polyethylene to Farming Hardware Center. I bought the medium quality (Thickness: 4 micrometer). 5 years warranty.
Roll of greenhouse plastic wrap - Greenhouse polyethylene film - Attaching plastic to wood frame
Tips to install greenhouse covering
Greenhouse Film Installation
( Covering greenhouse frame )
Greenhouse film installation guide:
Setup of the greenhouse plastic roll before install it.
Greenhouse polyethylene film - Roll of polyethylene - Polycarbonate walls panels
Unroll plastic film tips
Greenhouse Covering Material
( Attaching plastic to wood frame )
Greenhouse film installation guide:

Unroll the polyethylene film gently to avoid tearing.

Tip: install at a time when there is no wind.

On your right, my garden stream !

Plastic Greenhouses - Polyethylene film - Way to attach polyethylene to greenhouse
Greenhouse building covering materials
Plastic Garden Greenhouse
( Backyard greenhouse covering )
Greenhouse film installation guide:
Screw the 1" x 3" above the polyethylene film to hold it in place.

Note: Avoid nails.
Polycarbonate Greenhouse - Film on greenhouse wooden frame
Attaching polyethylene to greenhouse frame
DIY Garden Greenhouse
( Buulding a Canadian Greenhouse )
Greenhouse film installation guide:
For openings must pass the polyethylene film not on as if they did not exist.

Thereafter, go around the opening with 1" X 3" screwed  and cut with a utility knife inside.
Greenhouse polyethylene film - Greenhouse plastic installation - Greenhouse film installation guide
Greenhouse covering
Poly Film for Greenhouses
( How to install plastic film )
Greenhouse film installation guide:
To get it into the plastic, provide a surplus in the bottom of the wall and rotate around a 1" X 3" (like a roller. Then fix the 1" X 3" at the bottom of the greenhouse by means of screw 3".

Note: During high winds, there is a lot of pressure on the polyethylene film. This is why I recommend screwing down the screws with a minimum of 3". Otherwise any tear.
How to install polyethylene film on the Greenhouse frame - Canada Greenhouse covering material - Poly Films Greenhouses
Greenhouse plastic installation guide
Garden Greenhouse Covering
( Polyethylene film suppliers )
Greenhouse film installation guide:

Be careful with sharp joints, especially the roof. They could rip your plastic sheet. A good sanding pieces of wood helps prevent everything.

Polyethylene is a good material for Lean Greenhouse or attached greenhouse too.

Purchasing greenhouse from canadians suppliers? Why when you can build your own greenhouse for cheap !

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