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Log Store - Building Cheap Shed for Storing and Drying Firewood

How to Build a Canadian Log Store

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Building instructions
  1: Level the ground and install deck piers
  2: Attach joists to beams and form the floor
  3: Build the framework for the walls
  4: Build the roof structure and covering 
  5: Finishing and outcome 
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Build Wood Shed - Build Firewood Shed - Drying firewood - DIY Canada Wood sheds
Wood Sheds Canada
Build Firewood Shed
( Firewood Log Store in Canada )
Form the shed floor:
The floor will be built in wood with recycled parts from old house roof trusses.
Flooring shed - How to build shed - Garden shed Kits - Firewood
DIY Wood Shed with recycled beams
Build Cheap Wood Shed
( Homemade Cheap Sheds )
Form the shed floor:
The dimensions of the wood shed may vary depending on your space and storage needs.
Shed Piers - Shed pillars - Plastic shed - Build storage shed - Wooden shed - Cheap Shed
Shed Pillars
Wood Drying Shed
( Firewood Storage Idea )
Form the shed floor:
Installing the wood floor frame on metal brackets (over the adjustable pillars).
Making a Shed - Firewood storage - Sheds Plans - Cedar sheds
Sheds building instructions
Firewood Storage
( DIY Cheap Wood Shed )
Form the shed floor:
Adding joists to give strength to the floor.
Cheap wood shed - Hancrafted Shed - Homesteading Sheds - Shed building
Homemade Wood Shed
How to Build a simple Wood Shed
( Flooring a Wood Shed )
Form the shed floor:
The floor is made with recycled plywood panels.

They are of the same thickness.
Shed floor - How to build wood shed - How to build firewood shed
Flooring Firewoood Shed
Cheap Shed Kits
( Backyard Wood Shed Plan )
Form the shed floor:
Screw the plywood to the joists of the floor frame.
Firewood - Stacking firewood - Wooden log store - Garden Wood shed
Backyard Wood Shed Idea
Build Firewood Shed
( Firewood Storage Idea )
Form the shed floor:
Installing blocking between floor joists.
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Heating with wood stove - Firewood Storage Ideas
Garden Shed Design
( Shed building instructions )
Form the shed floor:
The floor will support the weight of firewood.
Wood dying Shed - Build Wood Dying shed - Wood shed idea
Wood Drying Shed Canada
Firewood Shed Plan
( Firewood storage building )
Form the shed floor:
Level the floor by adjusting the screw on the pillars.
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