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Landscaping a dry Creek in your garden
( How to build a Creek Bed - Sloped Yard )



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  Building Steps
  1: Making a Pond discharge
  2: Planning and digging a artificial creek
  3: Installing geotextile fabric and EPDM liner
  4: Put the gravel and stones
  5: Small Stream Waterfall
  6: Landscaping Creek banks
  7: Naturalization and finishing
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Dry Creek - Building a dry creek - Building a backyard creek


Gravel for Creek Pond
Gravel and stones:

Deposit of small stones in harmony with the whole.

More you imitate nature the more you creek will look !




Round river and crushed Rock for Pond Creek - Artificial creek

Gravel and stones:

Once installed the geotextile fabric on the EPDM pond liner, I added a mixture of round river rock and crushed.





Build cascades waterfall - Creek and Stream building

Round River Rocks for cascades Waterfall
Dry Creek Bed Design:

Next summer I will arrange the banks with native plants.





How to construct a creek in your garden

Gravel Bed - How to build a streambed
Gravel and stones:

The creek divides much of the land in two. It will also built a bridge to facilitate access to the shoreline.





Building Artificial Creek - DIY Cheap Creek

Water Gardening Design and Ideas
Gravel and stones:

The dog Julius was watching the work.
At this location, there will be a flat rock waterfall overcome.





Pond and Stream rock landscape - Home Creek landscaping

Stones and gravel for Creek Bed
Gravel and stones:

In early fall, water accumulates in the stream naturally. It does not run at the moment.





Artificial Bog - How to build a bog

Round river rock - Stream bed
Gravel and stones:

The future bog where there are a depth of 40". Its a pool segment of the creek. This part of the stream is subject to flooding when the rain overflows its banks.






Creek bed with round river rock
Gravel and stones:

I continue to search into the fields for a large stones to naturalize the stream.





Streambed and Cascades - Build a Dry Creek

Cascading Creek / The bottom of a stream
Gravel and stones:

You can still see the levels of water retention in the cascade (black geotextile). They will be covered with peat moss.





Creek and Water garden Discharge - Pond network

Stream / Water Gardening Design
Gravel and stones:

Rock the pass that leads the overflow of the pond to the creek.




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Update 07/27/15