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Cold-Storage Unit - The Building Plan
( For Canned foods - Fresh beverages - And Kitchen vegetables )




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  Building Steps
  1: The structure and ventilation system
  2: Installing storage shelves
  3: Build the vegetable bins
  4: Building Tips and finishing
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Step #3: Build the vegetable bins


Vegetable Bins


Cold-Storage Unit - The Plan
Vegetable bins:

Use of galvanized wire 1/2 ".





How to build vegetable bins - Building Plan

Cold Room - The Plan
Potatoes bins:

Leave a space below the bins down to sweep and provide some cleanliness.





Cold-Storage Unit - Onions Vegetable Bins - Kitchen garden storage

Refrigerated Room -
Onions Bins
Onions bins:

Onions and garlic in the bins.





Potatoes Bins - Cold Room - How to build storage Bins

Cold-Storage Unit - Potatoes Bins
Vegetable bins:

I would have had to leave a space behind the locker to drop deposition on the ground.




Food Storage Shelves and Vegetable bins for Cold Room

Storage Bins - Home Storage Idea
Vegetable bins:

The ends of the wire are trapped between two pieces of wood. This is to avoid injury to hands as pieces of netting are cut spikes.





Building Cold-storage Unit - Home storage ideas - Storage shelf

Cold-Storage Unit - Plan
Vegetable bins:

Potatoes in a cold room bins.





Walk-In Cold Room - Cold-storage unit - Build Potatoes Bins

Food Storage Shelves - Plan
Vegetable bins:

To avoid rot, vegetables should not touch the concrete wall.




Cold Storage unit - Cold Room - The free Building DIY Plan

Cold-Storage Unit - Free Plan
Vegetable bins:

Requires a very thorough job !





Vegetable bins for kitchen vegetables - Storage Idea Design

Cold-storage unit - For kitchen vegetables
Vegetable bins:

Above the lockers, you can make removable shelves to maximize space in the cold room.







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