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Chicken Nesting Boxes - Create place for your chickens to Lay

Making nesting chicken boxes

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Building instructions
  1: Slanted Roof Wooden Chicken Coop
  2: Hen house framing and Door
  3: Hen Coop Nest Box Building Idea
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How to build a Nest box - Nesting boxes - Laying place - Building chicken coop
Grillage poules
DIY Chicken Coop
Building your chicken coop
Nesting box for chicken coop:
A board installed horizontally for nest.

A chicken ramp allows hens to climb to the nest.
Nest boxes for egg-laying - Chicken coop layout - Backyard chicken keeping - Heat lamps for hen coop
Nest boxes for egg-laying
Nesting boxe for hen house
Slanted roof chicken coop design
Nesting box for chicken coop:
A heat lamp has been installed in the chicken nest box place.

Warning: the heat lamp should be protected with a grid!
Chicken Coop Nesting Box Door - How to make door for hen coop nesting box
Chicken Coop Nesting Box Door
Aviaries and Chicken coops
Backyard chicken keeping
Nesting box for chicken coop:
Installing a removable access door to the chicken nest.

Very useful for cleaning the hen house.
Nest Box construction - Chicken Coop Nesting box plan - Nest box plan - Cheap chicken coop
Removable door for nest box place
Inclined roof hen house
Wooden backyard chicken coop
Nesting box for chicken coop:
Brackets are used to attach the removable door to the chicken coop structure.

It is recommended to use thin boards to minimize the weight of the door.
Poultry house plan - DIY Chicken nesting boxes - How to build a chicken coop nesting box
Secure the chicken nest door
How to build a nest box
Hens to lay in the nest box
Nesting box for chicken coop:
Installation of the chicken nest door.

Now, the hens will maintain their privacy!
Lean-to chicken coop - Backyard chicken coop design idea - Buy hen house - Hen house building plan
Chicken nest box entrance
Urban shelter for poultry
How to raise chickens in city
Nesting box for chicken coop:
Nesting box entrance.

The hens are ready to lay.
How to build Lean-to chicken Coop - Urban chicken coops designs
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